Pokemon Snap is a simple game where you are a person that takes pictures for prof. oak and there are 63 pokemon in this game and they are all first generation pokemon. There are many corses to take pictures of pokemon and a stage with mew








Rainbow Cloud (Mew's course) To get this stage you must take a picture of the six signs on each course.


Kingler Rock (Beach)

Pinsir Shadow (Tunnel)

Cubone Tree (River)

Mewtwo astrology (Cave)

Mt. Dugtrio (Valley)

Koffing Smoke (Volcano)

You can get special pictures like Balloon Pikachu, Surfing Pikachu, Pikachu on Stumps, Fighting Magmar, Gusting Pidgey, Dancing Graveller, Jigglypuff Trio on stage and Mew.

If you get a special picture, you will get extra points. Also if you get more than one of that type of pokemon in one image, you will also get some extra points.

You can also evolve pokemon by hiting them with pester balls or giving them an apple and they may fight over it. You can evolve pokemon like......


Charmander (Volcano)

Charmeleon (Volcano)

Weepinbell (Cave)

Grimer (Cave)

Slowpoke (River)

Magnemite (Tunnel)

Magikarp (Valley)



Pester Ball

Poke flute

Speed up

Many pokemon are hiding in these levels like Scyther and Lapras and they can require items to hit them or they might need a song for them to come out.

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