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Pokemon is one of the worlds most widely reconised franchise with T.V series,Movies,Toys and games under its belt all based around its "Gotta Catch Em all" Theme where a trainer (player) has to catch battle and train their pokemon to become the pokemon champion.Pokemon was originally named "Pocket Monsters" and was then abreviated To Pokemon in america so as not to cause trademarking disputes,the name remains "Pocket Monsters in Japan.Pokemon was created by Satoshi Tajiri who based it on insect collecting his much loved hobby as a child.Pokemon can come from and be caught just about anywhere from the vast regions from the games and T.V. programmes and the pokemon worlds from the Mystery Dungeon Games and the many types and species of pokemon means that the trainer has lots of pokemon to chose from when catching and training a pokemon team and becoming a pokemon master and eventually training a pokemon to Level.100.The pokemon mega-franchise with lots of pokemon merchandise has become one of Nintendos biggest selling productions selling well ove 193 Million units worldwide.