The pokemon Diamond and Pearl games were released in Europe on the 27th June 2007 and began Generation IV and were the first proper pokemon RPG for the Nintendo DS.They take place in the sinnoh region starting the players journey in Twinleaf Town.The game introduces lots of new pokemon and new areas for the player to explore.

At the begining of the game the player watches a news broadcast about the search for the rare red Gyarados.The Player the goes With his/her rival who believes that you could find another rare pokemon living in the local lake he lake two wild Starly attack them and they are forced to chose a pokemon to fight of their attackers out a case that contained Chimchar,Turtwig and Piplup (the one picked later becomes the players starter pokemon) after the starlys are defeated the player and the rival return to Twinleaf Town with the case belonging to the pokemon proffesor Rowan.At home the Players mum gives the player the running shoes Enabling the player to get to places faster while pressing the B button.Then the player heads off to Sandgem to go to proffesor Rowan and return his case.Proffesor Rowan alows the player to keep the pokemon he/she chose and the Lake.He also gives the player a pokedex a electronic encyclopedia of pokemon that the playeupdate whenever the player sees a pokemon he has not seen before, completing the pokedex is one of the games primary goals along with defeating all the gyms and becoming the pokemon champion.Also in this game is yet another evil team called team galactic who the player will run into them many times throughout the course of this game the most major event with team galactic where the player stops the galactic boss Cyrus and either stops or catches Dialga (only in Diamond version) or Palkia (only in Pearl version)

After the player defeats the pokemon league the player can then go to previously inaccessible areas such as the survival area, fight area and resort area.Also allowing the player to catch other kinds of pokemon.